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My name is Janeen and, until recently, I have primarily been an accountant/auditor. There has however always been a desire to help people but I was not sure how. I did manage to do that to some extent when I took a year off to volunteer at a youth center and also through work in various roles as I managed teams and mentored and coached staff. 

I have been following the teachings of Bob since 2008 when the movie “The Secret” first came out. But, it  was not until a few years ago that I started asking myself “There must be more to life”. I was asking this question because even though I had always tried to stay positive and focused on what I wanted, I was not able to create the results that I desired. I often lay awake at night asking how I was to make a change. I deeply desired to make a change but kept asking “how” because even though I wanted to change my inner voice kept telling me “You are not good enough”.

One day, I mustered up the courage to ignore that voice and invested in my own personal development.  I made a decision that I needed to do something and purchased a program from PGI called The Science of Getting Rich. This program made me realize that there is some light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 I realized that I was responsible for the results in my life. That there is a “formula” in creating the life I wanted. I started to wake up feeling more excited and things started to shift slowly but I wanted the change to speed up. That is when I realized that I needed some more help, someone to keep me accountability.  That is when “Thinking into Results”  came into my awareness and the journey began…

As mentioned, I’m an accountant by profession and for most of my life I worked for someone as an employee. As an employee I did not have the mindset of an entrepreneur. My partner Margaret has always been the one to follow her intuition and take the road less travelled. She was the one who first planted the seed in my mind that anything is possible…but, I was afraid. Self doubt kept holding me back, that inner voice kept telling me “you have no experience”, “you are not good enough”…it was my learned “paradigm” that had been ingrained into my subconscious mind over time. So, every time I got close to making a decision to leave my job, the terror barrier would get in the way and I would retreat back to the comfort of what I knew, which was continuing on as an employee. There is nothing wrong with being an employee but I just had this inner desire that I wanted to do more. 

One day after much talking about leaving my job, I made a DECISION I was going to do it. When I approached my employer, they were very understanding and we agreed that I would go part-time to start and then after a few months I left permanently. It was a leap of faith and definitely all the workings of the Spirit. The turning point was when I made a decision to do it because once I knew what I wanted and surrendered the “how” unfolded.

The journey continues and as it does I am reminded that I am divinely guided as long as I keep focused on what I want. When my focus is on the WHAT, the how is always shown.

I hope that sharing this has been helpful. I know this experience has shown me that anything can be achieved if you set your heart on achieving it – with a little help from PGI and Bob Proctor!